They hit it once and they wonder where they got that itch
oh that girl be a one hit wonder
by Laura March 20, 2005
Top Definition
Term for a band/group that has one breakthrough hit that people remember after usually years of making underground music. They may try to luanch more chart-friendly songs on the back of their one song that will fail to have any impact. Will fade back into obscurity within a month only appearing for the odd television appearance.

The ultimate one hit wonder were Los del rio who inspired a massively popular dance to go with their catchy song; La macarena!
Los del rio were making music for over 20 years before La macarena became a hit.

A la tuhuelpa legria macarena

Que tuhuelce paralla legria cosabuena

A la tuhuelpa legria macarena Eeeh, macarena

by Gumba Gumba February 25, 2004
1)a band that has had only (I shouldn't say only, since most bands never have a successful song) one song that was a commercial sucess.
2)A song which was the only success of the band that played it.
3)A strain of marajuanna grow in Southern California (San Diego's north county) which is so potent that one hit will get you more high than you have ever been before.
1)Men without hats
2)"Saftey Dance" by men without hats
3)Like train wreck X 1000
by phi December 05, 2004
Any band that only has one song anyone remembers
"Hey dude, Remember Crazy Town?"
"They did that song Butterfly"
"Oh yea, those posers"
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
1.a band, while during any time in their existance, has only one song achieve the 'hit' status. after which, they fizzle out and disappear, never following up their initial success
2.(lesser used def.)a girl/guy, who is not sexually desirable, but gets a piece of your ass via intoxication, low light, etc.
1.the Crash Test Dummies were a one-hit wonder.
2. Man, why'd you grind that chick? She was fuckin ugly! Yeah, it was a one-hit wonder.
by DooKiecaRot September 28, 2003
extremely potent marijuana: One good hit of it will get you very high. It's usually bright green and loaded with crystals...the best stuff you can get.
Take a puff of this one hit's insane!
by Bentech January 05, 2005
One who after talking one "hit" of marijuana is already high; someone who reacts very quickly to the effects of marijuana.
"do you see her? she's already messed up"
"yeah, she's a one hit wonder."
by Julieeeeeee September 08, 2007
A band or singer that everyone forgets about after their hit song runs its natural course into obscurity, because they can never get back onto the charts again. Most one-hit-wonders are that way because either they can't write their own songs, or their own songs are crap.

Crossover songs and artists are sometimes mistaken for One-Hit-Wonders, because listeners outside their genre don't know who they are. Anyone unfortunate enough to make this mistake is likely to be taken to task by numerous members of the artist's following, because it takes quite a good artist to pull off a crossover hit.
Your own songs just aren't going to cut it. Go find a hit song that no one else has covered in at least 20 years, so the teen audience will think it's new, and maybe you can be a One-hit-wonder.

Some One-Hit-Wonders:

Dean Friedman
Right Said Fred
Gary Numan
Soft Cell
Sammy Johns
The Reflections
The Electric Prunes
The Elegants
Bobby Dray
by Downstrike October 29, 2005
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