when a guy kicks some broad in the shin then jizzes in her eye. After this event, the bitch will proceed to hop around on one leg with one eye closed and continuously scream arrrrr.

This sexual "game" originates in Medieval England.
My boiiieee morgan one-eye-pirated some bitch he met at the mall.
by berk and blatt December 02, 2004
When a man inserts his penis into a woman with a missing eye's eye socket.
man 1: dude guess what i did to this chick last night
man 2: what?
man 1: i gave her the one-eyed pirate
man 2: nice work dude!
by elkshockey12 December 10, 2006
Cum in her eye, quickly followed by a jab to the stomach. Forcing her to say "ARGH".
After having sex last night i gave her an One Eyed Pirate.
by Pete West August 09, 2003
The one eyed pirate should be a selfish act. Get her from behind, and as you are gettin 'er done, reach around the back of your head with the right hand, covering the left eye (or vice-versa if you are a southpaw). A parrot on the shoulder is optional. Saying "Aaargh!" or "Shiver me timbers!" is not.
Aye! Polly! Check out this one eyed pirate!
by Dirty Steve May 05, 2006
what doing a girl in the ass you pull your dick out and jizz in her eye, thus causing her to say arrr like a pirate
man i gave cassie the oned eyed pirate
by Kimosawby December 07, 2004
Dick hound. Girl out for your weenie.
Don't bother gettin serious bout her man, she a one eyed pirate.
by McGyver March 02, 2005

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