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overall it is a pretty cool school, but to be honest it is full of SLUTS, MAN-WHORES and RAPIST cant forget about those gay faggots that act like girls but are actually
they are boys, most people know one tree hill college to be good in volleyball, rugby, touch, a.f.l and basketball, it is also known for getting pregnant at a young age and fucking each-other in the toilets, smoking weed and drinking because they be cool as fuck, the name O.T.H.C
is also known for Only The Hori Cunts, so go fucking clean yourself up!
boy: "hey baby are you wifi?"
girl: "who?, me, no!"
boy: "well i think i feel a connection..."
!the life of one tree hill college!
::girl and boy go to toilets, have sex, make babys, do the same thing the next day::
by kakahunga high December 10, 2013
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