One time is an expression used whenever you want something important to happen. That thing that you want to happen will usually be a game tipping act- should the thing you want to happen not happen, the night/game/whatever will end up far different than it would have should that thing have happened. It is a verb that expresses the desire for an action to occur.

It is used in hockey: a slap shot that comes directly off of a pass

It has shown up in movies and music: in the Little Giants this dialogue occurs:

Danny O'Shea: And even if those Cowboys are better than you guys, even if they beat you 99 times out of 100, that still leaves...

Tad: One time.

Rudy Zolteck: One time.

Junior Floyd: Smiles Yeah... one time!

2-Pac uses one time in his song "All About You."
1. A baseball game between the Angels and Yankees is tied 3-3 in extra innings. You want the Yankees to win. The Yankees are at bat and the bases are loaded. A-Rod steps up the the plate, when the pitch is delivered you scream "ONE TIME," because it will only take one hit for the game to be won by the Yankees. Should that hit not occur, the game will end up differently.

2. At a party, your friend is hitting on a girl he has long had a crush on. If he kisses this girl, and she accepts his kiss, he will end up hooking up with her- an obviously desirable outcome. He moves in, from across the room you scream "ONE TIME," she kisses back. They leave the party and go to his apartment.

3. A beirut game is tied with each team having 1 cup left each. You shoot the ping pong and scream "ONE TIME" as the ball flies through the air, because it will only take one cup to win.
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by MGE11 October 18, 2009
Top Definition
The police. So called because you look one time at them, as doing a double-take might attract attention.
See Sir Mix-a-Lot's song "One Time's Got No Case".
by Anonymous December 31, 2002
The cops. It's correct that it means looking more than once can draw attention. But the actual phrase comes from someone saying "one time" to let the other passengers or friends know that they have now seen the cops and are claiming the first look, and no one else should now turn around because two or more people looking increase your odds of being stopped by more than 50%.
"One time, man. Don't turn around!"
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by PhatLladi October 03, 2006
Amongst other terms, the polite thing to yell when you see a cop cruising around, especially slowly.
"One-time! One-time!" (Then walk briskly in the opposite direction.)
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by Trendon January 25, 2006
Police. See #1. You look at them one time. If you double take or look too long you might attract their attention. In doing so, with a cop with nothing better to do and if in their minds they suspect an ounce of fishy shit going on with you, expect to get followed for a bit so they can check your plates, pull you over and/or get talked to to see what's up with you.
From the movie Street Kings

Coates: Man, we got the one time up in here. Motherfucking po-po. Is there any square cops out there? Or is everybody out for theirs?
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by Freeloading Will July 19, 2010
police officer(s)

primarily used in west

see five-o jake the law
Yo! One up holmes, it's the one-time!
by Johnny Twoguns August 13, 2004
the police, meaning you've got one time to run, or "eat yo shit nigga"
"Fuck, here comes tha onetime!"
by Kelly Burkett September 03, 2005
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