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A man who ejaculates nearly immediately upon initiation of sexual intercoure; eg., after one or two thrusts.
'Damn girl, that man ain't never gonna last long enough to please you; he's a one pump chump!'
by K-Job April 04, 2006
Term used to define a man with less than admirable stamina in bed.
That guy i slept with last night was a One pump chump.
by Ian McDonnell April 11, 2006
a friend who has his first ever relationship in his life, and his first time fucking he only lasts thirty seconds in her vagina
josh: so i heard you lasted 30 seconds sean: meah... she was tight josh:yea okay you dont thrust once and call it quits you one pump chump you go back and pounce on it
by josh510 July 12, 2009
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