An informal code of street fighting, not allowing bystanders to interfere in the fight.
Hey bitch-ass, let's square it up one-on-one in the midldle of the street!
by PGrace August 04, 2003
Top Definition
1. A game where the only opponents are two people playing against each other.
2. Also know as speedballing; a mixture of cocaine and herion, most often injected.
1. Jack says to Tommy, "Let's play a game of one on one"
2. After getting out of lock-up, I said to myself, "I'm 'bout ready to head downtown and gets me a one on one!!"
by dieselgirl August 07, 2003
BASKETBALL, where you (and only you) play against one other person
I played against Santiago in a one on one basketball game
by Home slice August 14, 2005
san francisco bay area slang for a combination of cocaine and heroin, aka a "speedball". a hit of tar heroin and powder cocaine sold together on the street for $10 to $20.
if youre in a san francisco neighborhood such as the mission, and you hear a guy calling out "one on oners, one on oners", hes not challenging you to a game of basketball.
#one on oner #speedball #cocaine #heroin #black tar #black tar heroin #tar heroin #the mission #san francisco slang #bay area slang #drug #drugs #junkie
by beau "oma" taylor March 14, 2010
when your boss invites you to a business lunch.
by seliko June 17, 2003
The phrase that people say that suck at everything but is the best in their little village where they live when they lose in a team-based. Normally followed by a really bad yo momma joke.
John: God dude, you really suck at everything.
Gaylord: what, you wanna go one on one, because I'm in your mom's bed.
John: (pause) Wow... really?
#suck at everything #game #john #gaylord #phrase
by JoshRoxxx July 29, 2008
1. When you go from dating someone to being in an exclusive relationship.
2. Becoming someone's boyfriend or girlfriend.
Friend 1: Dude, when are you guys gonna go one on one?
Friend 2: I'm not ready for a relationship yet.

Friend 1: I thought you were going one on one with her.
Friend 2: Naw, man. I don't want to give up the other pussy.
#one on one #girlfriend #boyfriend #relationship #exclusive #dating
by Juppy George January 16, 2009
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