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Not the 61 second man, not the 59 second man, 62 is way out. He is the 60 second, the half of two minutes, the 1/60 of an hour, he is, THE ONE MINUTE MAN. It takes him only ONE minute to start and complete things.
"Holy crap! That plumber is a one minute man!"
by sheeps October 04, 2003
a guy that cums within or soon after one minute.
Tyler isn't a one minute man; he can go all night!
Ralph is a one minute man; he blew his load before I could tell we were even having sex.
by James October 04, 2003
Any person of the male human species that reaches orgasms quickly, and therefore, only has sex for a minute before cumming and leaving.
"One Minute Man - to the rescue!"
by Bastardized Bottomburp October 06, 2003