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Doing the DO, not just on one leg, but while grabbing your ankle, and using the force of the weight while moving in and out à la old school dancing.

Can also be a dance word
yo check it out!, hes doing the one legger

yo man? you gave her the one-legger?
by deeznuts January 15, 2005
A one legger is a term used in the world of sales. They refer to a sales appointment, meeting, or pitch, where one of two or more decision-makers are present. The present individual, of course, cannot proceed with the sale without consulting the other decision-maker (the other leg) first.
A sales appointment in which the salesperson shows up to a client's house, only to find one spouse not home. The sale is not completed as the present spouse (the one legger) must talk it over with the non-available spouse.
by Nader R. March 24, 2008
when a guy is fucking a girl while standing on one leg
dude hes doing the one legger!!
by Ramone Sanchez November 27, 2003