A stumpy/long and usually fat or skinny pink, brown or yellow sausage shaped snake that throws up when excited, usually after stroking it. The 'one-eye' is actually its mouth from where it spunks out spunk like a monkey spunky kiss it in the funky area.
by Shaggy October 07, 2003
Top Definition
a funny name for a penis
his one eyed snake went into her pink taco
by sqworm June 02, 2004
Poisonus snake that when aroused spits out a venumous white fluid.
He has a dangerous one eyed snake
by Kiss my ass May 09, 2003
A name for penis or cock.
Take a look at the size of that guy's one-eyed snake!
by Mark C. August 21, 2005
A penis, named so because of the appearance of a snake with one eye.
My one-eyed snake spit out a load all over some pretty girl's face last night
by Matt Wallisis February 18, 2006
A phallic object. Can vary from 2" to 12"
Joel: Hey Jacky, what did you do this weekend?
Jacky: OMG, I was at a sleepover at Wolski's place right, and I saw his one-eyed snake.
by gwo July 27, 2005
The one-eyed snake, other wise known as the penis or dick.
"Hey Jim, sorry i'm late, was playing with the one-eyed snake in my bathroom"
by Jackie kneoff January 01, 2016
I'm pretty sure it's another word for penis. Yea, it is. It's a fucking dick.
Jessica: I'd love to see what's in your pants. Is it big?

Charlie: Of course, I got a one-eyed snake.
by That dude with the large penis April 09, 2009
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