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when receiving head, right before you cum, poke your lady in the eye, kick her in the shin and then gizz down her throat. resulting in a hop on one leg, one eye closed tight and a gargling arrhhhggg noise coming from her throat.
It was my amusement for the night when I made my girlfriend a one eyed pirate.
by Mckaytrio January 29, 2008
The act of shooting ejaculate into a girl's eye and simultaneously kicking her in the shin, causing her to hop about on one leg saying arrr or another expression of pain
"I gave her a one eyed pirate"
by rimmer January 21, 2003
When you blast a girl in the eye and then kick her. Why this is attractive to anyone is beyond reason. Often results in being shot by the receiver.
A: Baby did you like that one eyed pirate aww yeah
B: I'll stab out your fucking kidneys
by Bainemo August 16, 2004
A one eyed pirate is when you blow a load in a girls ey while simultaneously kicking her in the shin forcing her to resemble a pirate with one eye and a bad leg
She screamed when I gave her a one eyed pirate
by Jesse May 25, 2004
When one proceedes to bang a girl, pulls out near ejaculation, skeet in her eye, and finally kick out her shin. Now you have a pissed off, one-eyed, one-legged, bitch chasing after you. Hence, the one-eyed pirate.
Tom was prepared to run for his life after giving his girl friend a one-eyed pirate.
by Ryan April 20, 2004
Having a girl suck your dick and then shooting it into her eye while kicking her in the shin as to make her an example of a pirate with a missing leg and one eye that says "argh".
You should have seen that bitch when I gave her a one eyed pirate last night.
by Vincent May 13, 2004
The act of a female impersonating a one legged pirate by allowing her lover to kick her in the shins and cum in one of her eyes.
Girl 1: "why are you limping and wearing an eye patch today?"

Girl 2: "Oh, my boyfriend just gave me the old one eyed pirate last night. Aarrrrrrrrr me hearties!"
by DannyBoy78 August 02, 2008