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A man's weehole at the end of his penis, out of which also 'the milkman' delivers 'the cream', but only if he feels like it.
Percy showed Doris his one eyed milkman. She liked it because she had ordered double cream. She loves to swallow.
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A penis. The one eye being the hole and the milk being cum. Masturbating can be said as "Shaking hands with the one eyed milkman"
Stop shaking hands with your one eyed milkman and get a real chick.
by 3lit3 September 07, 2008
Slang for:
cock, penis, knob, donald trump, dick, meat, snake, sausage, etc.
Rick: Did you see Paul last night?

Dave: Nah mate, I heard he was wasted though!

Rick: Mate! Wasted is an understatement! He got up on the table and got his one eyed milkman out in front of the whole pub.
by I catch dinosaurs May 25, 2011

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