O, My Self
This one for the atheists. .They believe in themselves instead of a god, so, this one is instead of O, My God.
OMS, this is really great!
by Skizmo April 05, 2007
The shortened form of "old man in speedos"

used at public pools or beaches
usually combined with an involuntary shudder.
"OMS alert! run awaaaaaaay!"
by shannanigans September 24, 2005
Old Man Shaver, self explainitary really, and old perv who shave's people, or enjoys shaving
Oh no look out! its OMS
by Captain fez April 03, 2005
stand 4:


some people say omg or omd but oms is also used as well.
normally means opps

omd omg
oms, i forgot my keys at home.
by Deelishas May 04, 2007

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