Oh my shit! Holy crap!
Person: "I'm stupid"
Guy: "OMS!!"
by Mbleh October 16, 2007
Official Monkey Spanker. This is a term given to large wankers. Often used as a reply to creepy people on anonymous chatting sites when faced with the question, "ASL?"

OMS is a chronic disease that may sometimes be deadly. It is not a condition to be taken lightly.
You: hi
Stranger: heyyyy babyyy asl?
You: oms?
Stranger: whats dat?

You have disconnected.
by Oscar-Floyd Kliewer-Fleming December 08, 2010
Other Men's Sperm - children a woman has from a previous relationship that aren't yours.
I don't mind having sex with her once in a while, but that's as far as it'll ever go. She's got three kids and I can't be bothered with OMS.
by November 22, 2010
OMS: Old Man Strength

The supernatural ability of old men to complete impossible tasks and make young "whippersnappers" and "damn teenagers" look like pathetic wusses.

OMS grows in direct proportion to how
much he just-doesn't-care-anymore. The less an Old Man has to lose,
the further he can throw you. Subsequently, the older the better.
Remember when Robin Ventura (age 25) charged the mound on Nolan Ryan (age 46)? The next thing you know, Ryan has Ventura in a headlock, beating his face in. Yeah. OMS. Need I say more?

Other Notables include: anyone who served in World War 2, Jack Palance, Clint Eastwood, Grandpa Gustafson
by bettis May 12, 2009
Oh My Swag.
OMS, I just made 100 dollars.
by iABeezy January 26, 2011
Oh my stars!
Samantha Stevens: "OMS! Aunt Clara that spell went awry!" Darrin: "SAMANTHAAAAAAA!"
by lrachelw November 21, 2010
Oh My Spock!
Spock is the Vulcan second in command on the USS Enterprise in the popular television show Star Trek: The Original Series, back in the 1960s.
Captain Kirk: Oh My Spock, that Orion Slave Girl is smokin'!
Bones: Agreed.
Scotty: Ay, OMS
Chekov: All thrusters full ahead!
Sulu: I like boys.
Spock: Silly Sulu, space is for real men! You are highly illogical.
by Mrs. Spock March 10, 2010

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