Abbr: 'oh my mushroom'. An exclamation of surprise.
Billy: "omm that angfest was so totally apex"
Jeanelle: "omm! it so totally was!"
by pkmnx September 05, 2003
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abbreviation for " on my momma "
omm , chill out .
by RedBone_Star* July 07, 2010
Oh Me My
For those of us who do not wish to take God's name in vain by saying OMG...OMM is an alternative. Exodus 20:7... 3rd commandment. NIV version..."You shall not misuse the name of the Lord, for the Lord will not hold anyone guilteless who misuses his name."
by Joy Kennedy November 30, 2011
Correct Response To "Moo" In Mooism.
Kangie <Why do you smile? Because you saved the one you loved.> 51 days Left... says:
Brian/Spike<Listening to = 1. Finch - Post Script (idobi Radio: Music that doesn`t suck! News, interviews and the best in alterna says:
by Kangie November 13, 2004
Oh My Marshmallows! This is a new version of OMG for those who are Aethiest and have a sense of humor, that do not wish to use Oh My God!
OMM! That was the best meal I have ever had!

OMM....thats horrible!
by O-M-M September 09, 2010
"Oh My Meatballs"
Comes the parody religion of The Flying Spaghetti monster. It is meant as a pun to OMG. Oh My Meatballs keeps the same atheistic meaning as Oh My Dear Particles, but with a religious pun and a 3 letter abbreviation.
OMM! talk like a pirate day is today!
(speech before eating) Ramen. OMM I forgot the Parmesan cheese.
by Oldarney May 20, 2010
Acronym: Oh, My Mushroom
by Anonymous September 05, 2003
Meaning a great desire for something or someone.
"Hey Aideen, make some Tea? Omm"

"I think you're Omm"
by bonglord June 01, 2005

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