a a a
epitomi of kiss kiss.
by omi September 09, 2004
Top Definition
adj; a way to describe someone who is short and tiny yet filled with energy, awesomeness and cuteness
that omi drives me up the wall but s/he's so darn cute that it doesn't matter! Goochie Goochie Goo!
by funsizedfoshizzle August 25, 2009
A good lookin' lady
shes a sweet omi
by Ben October 08, 2003
Modern version of 'Oh my!' to be used as an exclamation. To be said as 'oh my!'

I invented this when I accidentally mistyped 'OMG as OMI' in a text.
Omi, I never knew she was so cool!
by Ms Lee June 07, 2010
1. Noun- An older person of dutch heritage who is a mean spirited trouble maker.

2. Noun- A lover of exotic foods with excelent hygiene
1. That woman is such an Omi for ruining my sister's wedding.

2. We should go to dinner with Omi because she always knows exactly what to order.
by xcbopper1289 June 24, 2010
An acronym for the phrase "Old Man in Speedo." Most often used while visiting tourist attractions like Disney World or Busch Gardens, to warn others of the approach of an older (usually European) man in a very small swimsuit.
Alert! Alert! OMIS approaching!
by blancwene November 16, 2006
a star!!
Look that rich Omi!! i want to be like her!!
by Estelle March 04, 2003
the ending to a nickname that describes a cute, happy, and cheerful person, often a friend.
you would add the ending to the initial. for example, Teresa would be Tomi, and Paige would be Pomi.
Tomi and Pomi are the best of friends- you always see them laughing together in the hallways with huge smiles on their faces.
by ^^ May 05, 2005

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