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Used as a derivative of "omg" (Oh My God), and an extended modification from omgzorz, during an exclamation of something.
"Omgsauce, you completely owned me in that video game!"
by Josh Hague March 02, 2008
OMG-sauce is the chemical ingredient in White Castle sliders that has you saying OMG to everything else for the rest of the night.

What ever you may be doing it will always be an OMG moment.

Some side effects of OMG-sauce include bloating, stretch marks, high cholesterol, risk of heart attack, rectal prolapse, hallucinations, loss of all self respect, severe depression, short term memory loss, unattractiveness to the opposite gender, attractiveness to more OMG-sauce, OMG addiction, OMG-sauce sweat, need for a new wardrobe, possibility of miscarriage, and much much more.

Even after taking the shit of a life time OMG-sauce will have you coming back to White Castle all the time.
(taking a s**t)
OHHHH MY GODDD that OMG-sauce kills!!

(Having sex)
OMG (:& sick), OMG-sauce smells!

(At White Castle)
OMG-sauce is delicious!
by MMGA October 21, 2011
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