1. A typo of 'Oh My God.' In order to save face, the perpetrator of the typo claimed it stood for 'Oh My God, Que?!' Used when you are shocked, instead of saying 'What?!'

2. Oh My God, Que?!
"You'll never guess what my friend just did."
'What did he do?'
"Ate the entire pack of creamcheese plain."
by Lypiphera February 08, 2006
Top Definition
a) An expression devised whilst typing one-handed.
b) The use of the term omg four consecutive times - an omgQuinceanera.
Cold Fusion says:
omgQ! I think I lost my nipple.
michenkontrol says:
Please don't tell me it was the left one
by Kanoftuna May 17, 2005
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