OMG a disease that is vastly going through the nation of men stands for oversized male genitalia usually people say OMG for OH MY GOD. And the reason is they are so suprised when they see that Oversized Male Genitalia no other words come to mind but OMG.
Guy- i know right its huge
Girls-OMG!!!! What else could i say?
by Skwigs August 21, 2010
Meaning One Man Girl.
Jenny: I have six boyfriends!
Daniel: Sorry, I'm a O.M.G.

Jenny: Say what?
Daniel: I like to stick with one man you hoe.
by Johnny Davison March 19, 2010
Generally known as an abbreviation for "Oh My God."

According to asathecomic, OMG stands for "Olfonzo The Mexican Gladiator."
Don't make me get all OMG on this bitch.
by ravenshaw1 June 01, 2009
object management group
A group including IBM, Apple and Sun Microsystem to create a cross-compatible distributed object standard. Later it simply stood for Oh My God.
Person 1: My parents work for IBM who is part of OMG.
Person 2: ?????
by V C September 02, 2005
Abbreviated form of oh my god. An exclamation used in conjuction with 'like' and 'ewww' to obviously showcase the declining education of pre-teen and teenage girls. Used to annoy everyone else.
OMG!! This guy like totally IMed me for sum SEX! Like EWWWWWWW!!
by glitterfaerie January 31, 2003
Oversized Male Genitalia
1. Oh my god, he's got MAJOR OMG!!!
2. Because his uber OMG, it was impossible for him to wear skinny jeans.
by LittleBananas August 22, 2010
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