pronounced o-mm-geh. often said to exclaim shock at somthing.
we've got another history test, omg
by wheatley boy December 17, 2008
Abbreviation for "Oh my God." Most commonly used online and in chat rooms. However, people who can not be bothered or are too stupid to string three words together and must use the letters instead use it in everyday life as well.
"omg last night was so f-ing cool!"
"like oh em gee did you hear that jane broke up with bob and bob is going out with jane's brother's uncle's aunt's cousin's dog's hamster's mom? like omgzs!"
by Heywood Jablomie May 28, 2005
Abbreviation for "Oh my God" or "Oh my gosh". Often used by teenage girls while texting, and using any other sort of online chatting. Used so often it has now become redundant.

Can also be substituted as "omigosh", "omigod", or "omigawd".

Can become highly annoying when said a lot, along with other words such as "like", "totally", "lolz" in a chatroom.
Girl 1: i just bought new shoes
Girl 2: omg!!! are they hot?
Girl 1: like, totally!!!!

Girl 1: omg did u c that guy over there? hes like, so hot!
Girl 2: tottttally
Girl 3: no hes not! hes ugly! lolz omg i cant believe u guys thought he was hot
by one hundred percent tomboy January 30, 2011
an acronym for oversized male genetalia. a disorder that affects more men and women than most realize.
(man looks at the urinal next to him)

oh my god! you really suffer from omg!
by oorah72 March 25, 2010
The abbreviation for the genetic disease "Oversized Male Genitals", in which the genitals are both very long and very thick (commonly mistaken for "Oh my God!").
OMG sufferer: Dad I have something to tell you.
Father: OMG! You're gay!
OMG sufferer: No Dad... I have an OMG.
Father: I knew that you would get that from me.
by IGotaOMG September 06, 2009
A internet abbreviation for "Oh my god". 12-14 year old girls usually use it.

lYkK 0m9z!!`~`!!1!!one. 7h47 iZ sO K3w1!!1!oneoneone. c4n WE pLsSs fXcKKKz0rzXc0r3???????????????!!

omg can you like, put that in like, a sentence, and then i'll totally give you a totally like, blowjob, like!
by Plastic Jesus January 09, 2007
Interjection used by newbies to strengthen their arguements. Usually placed at the beginning of a sentence but after being fragged.
"OMG I hedhs0t j00 U HaxX0r."
by Bolt August 17, 2004
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