Interjection used by newbies to strengthen their arguements. Usually placed at the beginning of a sentence but after being fragged.
"OMG I hedhs0t j00 U HaxX0r."
by Bolt August 17, 2004
OMG = Oh my God
OMG = Oh my gosh
John : Hey Rhys, guess what?
Rhys : What?
John : I saw ur Girl-friend with that William guy
Rhys : OMG WHAT!??
by Rhys :( March 13, 2011
OMG is the scaled down version of oh my god
OMG look what Sandham has done to the pie
by Dimebag4life May 20, 2008
The name of the LORD abbreviated in vain.
OMG WTF LOL !!?!!!!!1!!1!1!11one!!!
by Rev. Anonymous February 12, 2005
1) short for Oh My God, when used as OMFG, it means Oh my F*cking god
2) Short for Czech sentence "Ochutnej můj guláš", which means "taste my goulash", when used as OMFG it means "Ochutnej můj fazolový guláš" - "taste my bean goulash"
1) "Justin Bieber is so cool!"
2) Son, I have cooked goulash, so OMG!
by forces-before December 11, 2010
OMG a disease that is vastly going through the nation of men stands for oversized male genitalia usually people say OMG for OH MY GOD. And the reason is they are so suprised when they see that Oversized Male Genitalia no other words come to mind but OMG.
Guy- i know right its huge
Girls-OMG!!!! What else could i say?
by Skwigs August 21, 2010
Meaning One Man Girl.
Jenny: I have six boyfriends!
Daniel: Sorry, I'm a O.M.G.

Jenny: Say what?
Daniel: I like to stick with one man you hoe.
by Johnny Davison March 19, 2010

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