omg is oh my god! used in moments of suprise ofte a text term or an online tern
omg! my cat just exploded
by ibeaperson July 09, 2010
Abbreviation for "Oh My God". An expression of surprise, anger or disbelief. Used often in text messages and badly written emails. Used mainly by teenage girls, even if the event isn't all that surprising.
Girl 1: Omg, i just totally hooke dup with Ryan!
Girl 2: Omg what!
by everythingtatseslikepurple May 27, 2010
Means Oh My God usually used on chats and ond the internet
OMG! I don't belive it
by ablazehustla February 04, 2010
it is online talk the people need to stop using in the real world!!!!!!
Girl-Omg those shoes are so cute
Girl 2- Omg that is so true
by Jaiver March 13, 2008
off my gens - when people are trying to hate on you and you tell them to get off your gens
me: nick your girlfriend is so ugly i cant stand to look at her
nick: OMG
by long dong silver <========3 July 27, 2010
oh my god. the most commonly used blasphemy in the world. sometimes you sound really stupid using it and other times it is quit appropriate. but mostly it helps fill space in an argument.
person 1 : i'm so fat.
person 2: OMG! you weigh 99 pounds get over it!
by KiKi_14_14 July 03, 2009
pronounced o-mm-geh. often said to exclaim shock at somthing.
we've got another history test, omg
by wheatley boy December 17, 2008
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