= oh my god! its short term! which like every1 nos! so y would u wanna look it up??? REATARDS!!!!!
' omg i cant belive ppl dont no wot it means '
by ?? August 11, 2004
like omg this THE best word ever!! used wiv other words (see FMO) e.g wtf atm brb n all tht its so kl!! OMG means OH MY GAWWWWD!!! try it n b kl!
like omg hes fit AS!!
omg can't believ he did tht!!
omg, gt som goss 4 u!!
omg look at her hair!
by Abna July 16, 2005
Means Oh My God! but said very quickly. Used to punctuate exciting things or shocking things.
"OMG! no way!"
as opposed to "Oh my God...no way" Which would be a slow kind of shock, the reaction to something bad.
by DeD June 24, 2005
oh my god
look at tha!
by francisco July 31, 2003
An abbreviation for the term 'Oh My God' 99% of the time used by online geeks. This word is used when a geek gets frustrated because he forgot to reload.
"OMG you wer dead! ffs i woulda had 89-0 if i didnt forget to reload!"
"OMG somebody just knifed me"
by Matthew Smith March 03, 2005
When the 1337 internet lingo breaks the boundaries of computers and is incorporated into verbal language.
Woman: I hate you!
Man: "OH EM GEE"!
*punches woman in face*
Man: You love me!
by Chaide January 22, 2004
Oh My God
OMG! This puppy is adorable!
by StanLovesCookiez May 12, 2015

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