OMG stands for Omnipresent Meatball God. OMG is the god of meatballs, and he is also constantly with you.
Of the many gods, OMG spends the most time with humans.
by Beckley April 26, 2009
The object management group, a consortium for computer industry specifications.
"UML is OMG compliant"
by kri February 10, 2005
1. internet shorthand usually meaning 'oh my god' or 'oh my gosh' (see omgsh). often used in online multiplayer games to suggest extreme discontent with a situation (see stfu).

2. abbreviation for musical group 'oatmeal my gestapo'.
1. omg gay.

2. omg is my favorite band.
by bud newman. February 28, 2003
It Is Commonly Mistaken For The Term, "Oh My God" But Trully It Means, "Oh My Gerard" As In Gerard Way. Because He Rocks. And Is Awesomely Awesome.

Could Also Be Written As OMGW.

Me: OMG (Oh My Gerard) I Saw MCR Live In Auckland!
Other Person: WTF?!? hooz MCR???nnd hooz liek, geRawrd?? Aww, I brokd a naiel!!!!!
Me: *Hits Other Person On Head With Shovel* Bitch
by Mini Raleigh January 03, 2008
Bastardized form of omg, which is a bastardized form of oh! Often used by Asians with poor English (in my experience), but also used by others
Omgs, maybes I go to the market todays keke
by David March 23, 2005
More goddamned instant messenger lingo used by bubbly/retarded pre-teen and teenage girls (and flamers) who cannot type. This is also sometimes spoken verbally by those that don't have full command of the english language.
A blonde talking to girl on instant messanger-
"OMG! You, like, kissed, like, a boy? Like, that is, like, so, like, gay."
by Fatass February 25, 2003
abbreviation for Om eye god - referring to one's holyish third eye? Lots of children on trains and buses say it quite often. It's fun to to count how many times you hear it said.
"omg (Om eye god) -was that a cat that woman had in her handbag!" or "Om eye god I think my kundalini just rose a little"
by Zapx August 22, 2008
Abbreviation for oh more greens.
OMG for me please mum!
by FiRe-uk May 02, 2005

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