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A situation where one cannot, will not, or is not accepting any new words into a given language or vocabulary. Usually this is due to a great misunderstanding, or ignorance of, the meaning of a given word.

Often this person is in a position to send someone to the principal's office, or ISS (in school suspension). 99.99% of these people do not look on urban dictionary and can find words such as "pwn" "fugly" or "nigga" to be offensive.

See also: Mom, Teacher
guy 1:"OMG I Pwned that Nub!"

teacher:"What did you say?"

Guy 1:*repeats himself*

Teacher:"That is ____. Go to the principal's office!"

Guy 1:"OMG im offended by words whut shall i do?"
by FukUall August 04, 2009
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