Oh My Bellamy.
This is taken from the name of Muse's frontman Matthew Bellamy.
All Musers (Muse fans) who exclaim something, instead of saying OMG (Oh My God) they say OMB.
OMB Matt looks so hot!

OMB you're a Muser

OMB we have so much Musey stuff in common

OMB there are Zetas in the skies
by Anon Cydonian of Delusion July 06, 2011
It stands for Oh-my-Bacon. There were many reasons for this: 1) Canadians are awesome 2) its really catchy 3) created by girl who had a dream to spread this phrase. Hopefully this is going international :)
Omb, i can't believe he just did that
by thespideyninjagirl March 11, 2011
For crazy Muse Fans
Oh My Bellamy

(Matt Bellmay;lead singer)
Muser1: "Muse are touring this year"
Muser2: "OMB! seriously!"
by GreenknotParaParkLow May 21, 2011
Old Man Band. like daughtry/nickelback

note: the members of the band dont actually have to be old for it to be an OMB
me: ew i hate this song
liv: ikr its such an OMB
nico: whats an OMB??
freddie J: an old man band you impudent hot dog!
nico: oh..
me and liv: *RIP*
by omganomb April 24, 2011
Office of Budget and Management
The OMB is presently making arrangements for a temporary shutdown of the government
by turtleboyblues November 06, 2015
(oh-em-bee) A phrase similar to OMG. Simply put it means Oh my Bieber. Usually used by a underaged teen ager who is a fan of Justin Bieber. acronym.
Bieber fan#1: OMB! Justin just made a new song.
Beber fan#2: I know, it's SO good! OMB!
by George Merriam November 05, 2010
Brolav: Dude the bowls already gone.

Day: Yeah i know, dude. I'm really high, but we should omb.
by laxaholic77 June 05, 2009
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