Oh my buddha, used by asians, cool people, rebels, and people who understand that saying oh my God is a sin. It is a basic alternitive, and funnier to say out loud.
No jkjkjkjklolol! I <3 ur effin make-up OMB i love your hair! Is that a new tatoo? Did that peircing effin hurt? No jkjkjklololol!
oh my buddha
im asian...so i say omb instead of omg
by chung April 05, 2003
oh my buddha , rebelling against the common term omg ( oh my god )
as coined by jordan and georgia .
scrubs is prolly the best show ever .
omb ! i love scrubs !
by gwick April 24, 2008
A phrase similar to OMG. Simply put it means Oh my Bieber. Usually used by a underaged teen ager who is a fan of Justin Bieber. Term Originated Between 2009 and 2010 by three guys bored with the term OMG. So they sought a journey to find a new obsession or belief other than God himself. Bieber is the Last name of a ever lasting Teen sensation Justin Bieber. Using this Phrase can result in a great conversation starter or it can lead to a very offensive remark. The offense is no less than a Racial Slur.

( OMN was the original Phrase, But Chuck Norris is way to Unimaginable great that this phrase would never end)
Emily: I just finished making a t-shirt for the JB concert!!! Yay!!

Jacob: OMB ME TOOO!!!!


Girl's Boyfriend: What does OMB stand for?


Girl's Boyfriend: That fag sounds like a girl, I cant beleive you girls love him. Bye!!
by Superbling26 July 20, 2010
Dont want to be blasformas? dont say oh my god say OH MY BUDDHA
OMB paul is such a retard(a pile of sticks)
by The Daz Man October 21, 2003
Beliebers (aka Justin Bieber fans) say OMB instead of OMG. OMB is basically the same as OMG, but Bieberized.
OMB! I'm going to Justin Bieber's concert in TWO WEEKS!! EEK!

by marissabieber January 11, 2011
oh my buddha
liz! omb! i hate life!
by supah fucking liz June 11, 2009
In other words - Oh My Bieber
Used just like OMG by Justin Bieber's fans.
Bieber fan #1: "OMB, she's wearing oversized sunglasses! Doesn't she know that Justin thinks they're overrated?"
Bieber fan #2 "And she's wearing ugg boots! This girl has no chance! He hates them!
by one less lonely girl May 06, 2010

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