When someone is passed out on their back, drop your pants and crouch over them facing their feet with your ass about half a foot above their head. Punch them in their stomach so their head flies up into your ass crack
Yo bulbis is passed out, let's give him an olympic sit-up
by ThaOriginal January 25, 2005
Top Definition
take turns seeing if someone can do a sit up while someone covers their face with a towel and holds the towel to the ground, then someone squats over their face and spreads their ass cheeks, then as the person is trying really hard to do the sit-up, slip the towel off, and watch as their face gets buried between the fat sweaty ass cheeks.
"bet you can't do an olympic sit-up"
"your on"
"WTF!! OMG!! WHY would you!!!?!?!?"
"that was a very shitty sit-up"
olympic sit-up sit up shit ass
by browngnome November 06, 2010
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