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A clothing brand name parodying the popular Polo brand. Jimmy Winkelmann, a 20-year-old college student, started the line in 2011 after the success of his The South Butt line, parodied after North Face, which was discontinued following a law suit. Olop's logo features a horse holding a polo mallet and riding a human.
Olop, save a pony, ride a preppy.
by Christaffa November 01, 2011
A polo mint with the printed side facing down
Lewis:Would you like a mint?
Mark:Yes please!
Lewis:Polo or Olop?
Mark:Olop please
(Gives Olop)
by Jonesy-no-fool August 07, 2005
polo spelt backwards! dont 4get it!!!!
' i ate a whole packet of olops this mornin ' -tasty
by none of ur business August 04, 2004