A small poo, often excreted in bunches resembling grapes.

Can also be used as an insult to convay that someone is stupid or dim.
"Whoa, go and look in the loo, that it one huge bunch of ollies i've just crapped out!"

"Why did you do that 'soft ollies', you're so stupid!"
by Vic and Kate Stanley August 03, 2005
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Jumping over something with a skateboard. Usually accomplished by pushing on the tail of the board and jumping up with the board stuck to your feet.
Yo dude I straight ollied a 10 stair without breaking my legs!
by Nitraine August 07, 2003
an absolute fuckin leg end...can do no wrong and is adored by women.
i wish i was like ollie all the chicks love him.
by scary hairy mary May 29, 2009
Jumping up, or over somthing with a skateboard.
Wow, look how high his ollie is!
by Joe January 12, 2005
An absololute lad, best at everything, and dont forget how big his...well...you know is, i mean its huge.
Yeah he's a complete Ollie!
by jomo3 October 04, 2010
Nickname for the name Oliver
Wazzup ollie?
the coolest guy in the world, very funny

oh my god, your such an ollie!

i wish i could be ollish
by Lou December 18, 2004
One of the sweetest people you could ever meet...GIVE HIM A HUG! he is soo sweet and funny, and talented, he's a broadway super star.. He is high on the list of AWESOME!
S: Ollie is amazing..
J: Why?
S: Ge can sing, dance, act... I've known him since forever..
J: Awesome.. I think he likes me..
S: Kool.. Hes a great guy!
J: I know!
by TEDDY BEAR HUGGER January 19, 2012

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