1.a food that is about the size of an eye ball, and depending on the kind it can either be green or black, and the best ones (green ones), hav a yummy orange thing in the middle.
2.the most yummiest tastiest delcious thingg in the wrld...green olives to be exact
Lets all go to shoprite and get olives,woohoo!
by krishna February 25, 2005
Top Definition
The best food in the world without a doubt and you can hire harry bujko and lucy manifold to get you a 30 foot or however long i said table of olives at your funeral
olives:best food in the world
by olivesaregreat July 10, 2008
old/living imprisioned veterans eating sandwiches
OH my god john! look at that gang of olives over there!
by Hansley March 27, 2005
Olives: The only food on the planet that looks like a testicle, and tastes like urine smells.
"Why do Olives taste like pee smells???"
by MC Killbot 5000 November 26, 2005
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