girl: i had apple pie last night
boy: was it good?
girl: oh yeah i olived
boy: ohh thats hot
by Oliver Smitherinerz March 25, 2011
my parents didnt like how the word 'wog' was being thrown around like it wasnt an offensive term anymore, so i came up with olive. anyone whose background, or nationality is greek, italian, lebanese, maso, croatian, etc...
"what natio is he?"
"i dunno exactly, but he's an olive"
by steph August 04, 2004
An outrageously selfish girl who will allow you to sexually pleasure her but will never return the favor.
"Bro, I tried to hook up with that girl last night but she turned out to be an olive."
"Damn I got olived so hard last night"
by dabombhowie January 11, 2015
Olives as we know them today are believed to have been developed in the early Grecian empire. Olives themselves picked off an olive tree don't taste good and can even make you sick. People realized this and decided to make them salty by using various acidic oils and spices. Olives are fruit! Olives is also a slang term for a mans balls as in saying a pickle and two olives. (they are both salty so it works!)
Spanish manzanilla olives are the bomb!

Whoah his olives are large. :|
by Allimanda January 17, 2004
"Mascot" for Martini drinkers. Had quite possibly the funniest elimination on most extreme elimination challenge ever, during Sinkers and Floaters. Lost her pimento on "The Impassable Stones of Mount McKidney".
There she goes! Losing her Pimento!
by ZJP Version 1.0 February 16, 2004
someone who gains bad qualities from a big group of people just to fit in.
That olive has really changed since he's hung out with those boys.
by Mimmi and Denise July 29, 2005
Abnormally short person with a big rack, who enlightens everyone's life and brings happiness to all.
Man, that peron's an olive.
by Kyle Duncan March 07, 2005

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