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A small ass place that shouldn't even be called a town. Olin, North Carolina is home to North Iredell High School (where you'll rather get pregnant, vandalize the school, get arrested, and/or die before your junior year. . . really, I survey.), a corn field, and maybe a church that no one attends. That's it. Olin is extremely small, you could drive over all the land in Olin in maybe ten minutes going 45 mph in an '85 Gremlin. Despite Olin's tiny size, it's home to over five gas stations, where old men sit out front spitting tobacco, and you buy loads of alcohol. If you're at least 30 years of age in Olin, North Carolina, you're most likely plastered before noon. Olin is full of 'Nam veterans, and two extremely tall, extremely gay, black guys. Teenagers in Olin lose their virginities at about 13 years of age, and go to Love Valley for fun on the weekends. Love Valley is a place to ride horses by day, and a place to have cowboy butt sex and get hammered by night. If you're a teenager in Olin, nc, you most likely spend 56% of your time in Love Valley screwing on top of a horse. 99.9% of teens in Olin smoke pot and wear hemp clothes. You're rather a cowboy, a hippie or a Jesus Freak that drinks too much. If you're moving to Olin, good luck. . . Bring a gun and at least 4 oz. of pot.
man, did you see her? pregnant, stoned, and wearing cowboy boots with a hippie skirt. must be from olin, north carolina.
by dum hippie who cant spell dumb February 05, 2010
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