a premature ejaculation that was implanted into a bisexual gorilla as part of a nazi experiment in the 50s.frozen in time then born in a test tube in the 80s there remain very few of these hermaphradites alive.easily spotted they are miniature humans with depraved gay tendencies
wow what a freak that dwarf is copping off with my neighbours dog,bet hes a proper oli
by andy ransom June 07, 2004
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coolest dude in town
damn oli is cool
by luco October 15, 2003
short form of Oliver, or in french, for Olivier. tall guy. sometimes dark, sometimes red, radical hair (bed head). sexy shnoz. flashing eyes. winning smile. robust. swarthy. savvy. a mover-shaker. hip. generous. well regarded. socialized. persusasive. sensitively affectionate. likes to poke fun at short blondes. madcap on the tennis and besketball courts yet mature. all-in-all, combination of great sense of humor, charming personnality and good-looks. unforgettable friend.
syn.: flip(-per)
Bahibak Olivier!
by Gabby August 02, 2003
An Oli is a half human half God creature that posseses a perfectly crafted body, yet also has the power to be a cute amazing beast of a man.
Everybody who has been blessed with the identity of the name Oli.
by badmangonerad December 20, 2008
Oli is a hunk that is classified as: Cute, funny, sexy, clever and caring.
Oli is a a generally nice and beautiful person.

Everyone wants oli
Damn, Oli is just so amazingly amazing. I want his so!
by gay vicar January 30, 2008
a totally rad muthafucker who can do magic tricks and makes all the girls happy
yo dude, youre a doctor of love, we should call you oli
by foxy July 28, 2003
1)A cute blonde guy who chats up innocent girls
2)A sexual position involving a pink highlighter see pink highlighter
3)Comment made to fit guys
cor you look like an oli ;)
by wenchy ;) April 06, 2004
The act of reducing female passers by in the street to quivering jelly by using a dangerous combination of exquisite facial features and incredible thighs. This process takes place over a prolonged period, often of three months or more, resulting in a spell of frenzied fornication and mutual joy for the perpetrator both of the Oli and chosen passer by.
There I was, happy with the world and innocently walking to work when I was hit by an Oli from a distance of about three meters. Or: I have been well and truly Oli'd so I am totally useless.
by BonnieThomas06 July 10, 2008

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