a faggot who does not have any singing ability,girls dont like him they only like the idea of him, and because of this, in his free time he slobers on gay guys cocks to relive the pain of his gayness.
oli sykes emo kid who wheres his sisters pants
by rappasheem April 30, 2009
Lead singer of the band " Bring Me The Hairspray ". The band itself is composed of a great drummer, two terrible guitarists, and the worst excuse for a screamer ever : Oli Sykes. Oli is a STD ridden sex addict who's daily activates include pissing on hot women and raping fat 14 year old fan girls. He writes his own terrible lyrics which include the words " fucking " and " bitch " in all of his songs.
Fan bitch: 0MG I like <3 Oli SyKEs!!!111!!1

Me: *Fucking Slaps Her* If he hears you call his "<3" mating call he'll piss on you.

Fan bitch: Shut the FuCK uP that story was totally fake n stuff!

Me: *Pisses on her* What are you trying to make up fake stories about me? *starts to listen to Rose Funeral*
by A real screamer December 11, 2010
Oli Sykes is the fucking faggot ass lead singer of the equally-faggoty Bring Me the Horizon. All the other members of the band are somewhat talented and would flourish in an actually decent musical environment, wheras Oli fucking Sykes is only known for his overly straightened scene hair and overall fierceness.
He is also loved by hoards of dumbass 13 year old girls everywhere, even though in 50 years he's going to look exactly like Paul McCartney (don't deny it).
Is not awesome. Does not write deep lyrics. Possibly took a piss on some fangirl who didn't wanna shag him. Is an epic douche.
Girl one: Oh my god, did you go and see Bring Me the Horizon last night? I mean, they are sooo good! And that singer is sooooo hot. What's his name again? Oh. OLI SYKES!

Me: -punches in face-
by boobyheadrofllmfao December 24, 2009
Oli Sykes is the lead singer of popular metalcore band "Bring Me The Horizon". Oli sykes is also well known for being a huge faggot. Oli is quite possibly the worst vocalist in metal today and the only reason Bring Me the Horizon is famous is because Oli whored himself and his band to everyone on Myspace and people decided to say they liked them just so they would shut the fuck up. Oli Sykes is a little bitch who thinks its cool to take a piss on girls who dont want to have sex with him. His band sucks, so does he.
Retarded person: OMG bmth is so talented and oli sykes is such a good vocalist omg.
Not retarded person: Fuck you they suck and so does he.
by idontlikebmth November 16, 2008
Poster boy for the MySpace generation, Oliver Sykes is frontman for overhyped band of the 21st century Bring Me The Horizon. Band has been overexposed in Kerrang! magazine. He is an emo pussy that is untalented, and his bandmates aren't that much better.

Oli has been in trouble for urinating on a female fan, then throwing her and her friend off their tour bus and then throwing an empty bottle of Jagermeister, leaving her with a bad head injury. He has twice denied this, further proving that he is an awful person of a bastard.

He also owns Drop Dead Clothing, which is the uniform for black-dressed idiots like Oli, the dinlo.
Stereotypical MySpace user: "BMTH rule OMG he is fit!!11!"

Genuine Metal Fan: "What?!? You're joking, right? The whole genre of deathcore both sucks and blows! Bring Me The Horizon are the worst band today!"

TxKx: "We should bottle Oli Sykes for hurting that girl, mush! Make him feel what an empty Jagermeister bottle to his emo face feels like!"

See my Bring Me The Horizon entry for more on the band.
by TxKx August 16, 2007
The twat of a lead singer from the worlds worst band Bring Me The Horizon. He is due to be bottled heavily at Download Festival 2007 for the time when he urinated on a fan when she wouldn't have sex with him, and for also being in a shit band and being an absolute wanker.

He also goes by the nickname of Oli Shites and also emo faggot.
Boy Emo: "Yeh, I'm soooooo going to see BMTH today! Oli Sykes is the sex to the x core!! OMGZ! rolfcopter"

Angry Metal Head: "Shut up you faggot. I'm gonna bottle the fuck out of Oli Shites and the rest of his shit band, and if you try to stop me I'll beat you up."
by EmoHater1 May 21, 2007
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