Amazing singer/songwriter from the band, Bring Me The Horizon (name taken from the movie Pirates of the Carribean). He became a millionaire in his teens through his clothing line Drop Dead, is covered in tattoos, is vegetarian and known for dating mostly models. His band is great, but many people hate on him and them because Oliver is good looking and apparently you're not supposed to look pretty is you're in a metal band
Holy fuck, Oli Sykes is amazing.
by c0r0na x0 June 24, 2013
Oliver Sykes, also known as Oli, is the lead singer of the British metal band Bring Me The Horizon, formed in 2004.
He owns the clothing line DropDead and is vegetarian.
Bring Me The Horizon is one of the best bands ever, because of Oli.

Oli is a very attractive guy, and for that he has a lot of haters that are just plain jealous.
He is indeed the sexiest guy on earth!!
girl1: Oli Sykes is so sexy!
girl2: YEAR! He is the sexiest guy ever!!!
by LoveOli October 19, 2011
the fucking phitt lead singer of BMTH!
an oli fan: im gonna go see BMTH today
an oli fan 2: im gonna fuck oli sykes today
by whore_bitch_sk8er August 15, 2007
Lead singer of Bring Me The Horizon. Also is a fucking faggot.
Hey, have you ever heard of Bring Me The Horizon?" "Yeah, Oli Sykes sucks so much dick.
by Mypsedonymiscool August 10, 2011
A beautiful boy derived from the band
Oli Sykes is very hot
by Andree(: April 29, 2009
The lead singer of Bring me the Horizon who has given multiple girls I know and you know chlamydia and probably other STDs.
Oli Sykes gave Allie Leblanc chlamydia!!!!
by Charles Manson 3 June 30, 2009
Oli Sykes is a person I'd never even heard about until I searched google images for Sykes 'the baddie' from the Disney film, Oliver & Company.

I was unfortunate enough to find images of a complete and utter knob jockey wearing boxer shorts, with fake blood dripping down the front of his hideously disfigured torso and a haircut only an emo could love.

For some reason I felt the urge to find out who this guy was and that led me to here. Now I've come to regret the decision as I'd rather not have known.

P.S. Deathcore sucks donkey wang. Go force feed yourself on some Entombed or Dismember you trend following fucktards.
Me: "Who the fuck is Oli Sykes?"

Me 2 minutes later: "I'd rather not have known."
by IDidNotWantToKnowOliSykes March 30, 2009
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