Poster boy for the MySpace generation, Oliver Sykes is frontman for overhyped band of the 21st century Bring Me The Horizon. Band has been overexposed in Kerrang! magazine. He is an emo pussy that is untalented, and his bandmates aren't that much better.

Oli has been in trouble for urinating on a female fan, then throwing her and her friend off their tour bus and then throwing an empty bottle of Jagermeister, leaving her with a bad head injury. He has twice denied this, further proving that he is an awful person of a bastard.

He also owns Drop Dead Clothing, which is the uniform for black-dressed idiots like Oli, the dinlo.
Stereotypical MySpace user: "BMTH rule OMG he is fit!!11!"

Genuine Metal Fan: "What?!? You're joking, right? The whole genre of deathcore both sucks and blows! Bring Me The Horizon are the worst band today!"

TxKx: "We should bottle Oli Sykes for hurting that girl, mush! Make him feel what an empty Jagermeister bottle to his emo face feels like!"

See my Bring Me The Horizon entry for more on the band.
by TxKx August 16, 2007
Top Definition
Lead singer of Bring Me The Horizon, originating from Sheffield, England. Adored by 14-year-old girls mostly because of his scene haircut. Owns Drop Dead Clothing and used to be straight-edge until they met Oli's girlfriend's brother Neil Whitley, whose main band "Scorched Flesh"'s lyrical content is primarily about getting drunk.

Allegedly arrested in April 2007 after urinating on a girl who refused his sexual advances.
Oli Sykes, frontman of British band Bring Me The Horizon has reportedly been arrested in Nottingham for an incident on their tour bus. A woman in her twenties was reportedly urinated on and later had a glass bottle thrown at her face.
by xEVIEx! April 09, 2007
The lead singer of the best band ever Bring me The Horizon.
Guy1: If I had to screw a guy, it would be Oli Sykes.
Guy2: Totally.
by 12oz December 14, 2007
noun: Lead screamer of British metal band Bring Me The Horizon, who, should really be over-shadowed by the outrageous beats of Matt Nicholls who is where the real talent is at in the band.
/did not piss on that fugly bitch
/is not a bad person
/is a little overrated
Intelligent Person: "Poor old Oliver has to be followed around by those fat British teenies all day"
Also Intelligent Person: "Too true, and that man-woman keeps claiming that Oli Sykes threw a bottle/peed on her/wanted to have sex with her when really she is just hallucinating."
The rest of Bring Me The Horizon: "WE HAVE TALENT TOO"
by Tevin Campbell March 02, 2009
singer in the band bring me the horizon.He is very attractive.
oli sykes is in that awesome band bring me the horizon!
by erin xtc October 07, 2007
Oliver Sykes is the lead singer/screamer of the death/metalcore band Bring Me The Horizon. He is from Shelffield, Yorkshire and is a vegetarian. He owns the clothing company Drop Dead Clothing which he runs with his parents. Whilst on their UK tour a fan made allegations that he had urinated on them. He was charged with urinating on her but the charges were later dropped.
Current members
Matt Kean − bass guitar (since 2004)
Lee Malia − lead guitar (since 2004)
Matt Nicholls − drums (since 2004)
Oli Sykes – lead vocals, keyboards (since 2004)
Jona Weinhofen - rhythm guitar, keyboards, vocals (since 2009
by LexiCanFly April 30, 2011
Oliver Sykes is the lead singer/screamer of the very popular band Bring Me The Horizon. BMTH is a damn good band, don't get me wrong, but Oli is the reason of most of their fans(the female ones, at least). He has talent and is attractive, but apparently he is a little bitch. Though wether it happened or not is unknown, apparently he took a piss on a girl who refused him sex, kicked her off the tour bus, and threw a drink at her. What a little bitch. Oh yeah, he owns the clothing line DropDead, too.

To conclude Oli, he is the poster boy for MySpace with his angled hair, screamo band, amazing talent, and good looks. Poor guy.
ScenexGirlx1: OMG Oli Sykes is like so gorgeous
ScenexGirlx2: OMG IKR HE IS LUSH
ScenexGirlx3: He is brutal for sure
by madsky July 10, 2008
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