A vehicle with multi-colored body parts, usually fenders and quater panels off other makes of cars. Basically a redneck POS.
"Damn dude, didja see that hillbilly in that green and grey oldsmobuick?"
by Macabre(EJR) May 04, 2003
Top Definition
Piece-of-shit car driven by the divorce lawyer of Fletch's ex-wife.
As I pulled up to my palacial, imitation apartment building, I observed the familiar red oldsmobuick of Mr. Arnold T. Pants, esq., attorney for the former Mrs. Irwin Fletcher.
by Heywood Jablowmie October 07, 2004
A car built from parts from a Oldsmobile and a Buick, therefore making it a Oldsmobuick
I just installed a Buick front end on my Oldsmobile, now I have a Oldsmobuick!
by chemmmy April 27, 2010
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