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- a pairing consisting of Blue and Green from Pokemon Special Manga.

This pairing is often overlooked and considered a "crack" pairing, though in reality it is possible. In proof of this, here is a listing of hints

- Blue (girl) states when she first meets Green (boy) that he is cute.

- Green always manages to fit the phrase "pesky girl" or "obnoxious woman" at the end of each saga. (Green treats her differently than any other female in the series.

- When Blue falls of Moltres, Green comes to her rescue by saving her from falling to her death. She then thanks him and he mumbles something offscreen that can easily be mistaken for embarrassment.

- When Green is hurt and when Blue says some teasing lines to him about his pokedex, she hands him the pokedex while he again manages to spit out "pesky girl". He then collapses into Blue's arms as she cries out in alarm/concern/shock. They rest at that spot until later.

Also known as Guriburu, GreenxBlue, BluexGreen, RivalxLeaf, GaryxLeaf, ShigeruxLeaf, GaryxNicole.

"I love Oldrivalshipping more than Choosenshipping! Silver and Blue are just brotherly and sisterly." ~ Ayumi
by Kunoichi_Ayumi February 13, 2008
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