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1. Usually someone that is older and is a man, or is a shmuck.

2. Sometimes people who like to say it slowly, and need to repeat what they say.
1. That guy is olde; He's got an olde ball sack. older men

2. What was that, could you repeat it, YOU <!--removed by scanning subsystem-->ING OLDER MAN!!!!!
by mp36 September 17, 2007
In dating terms, this refers to a man old enough to be a woman's father.
Usually a man more than 15 years older than a woman is considered to be an older man.
Also closely related to the definition of a sugar daddy. A sugar daddy is an older man but an older man need not be a sugar daddy.
Actress Catherine Zeta Jones husband Michael Douglas is an older man.

Sonia told me that she would love to marry a rich older man.
by hottie27 August 14, 2008