People that are usually over 70. There are basiclly two types. The first is good. They are very funny, know how to take a joke, do not ranble on and can cook very well. They will also buy you lots of things and always bake cookies. The second type however, hate kids and are always criticizing technology although they have a computer they don't know how to use. Unless you wear sweaters and say ma'am a lot, they will wisper about you thinking that you can not hear them. Stay away from this kind, but be sure to get your freshly baked cookies from the first type of old people.
Ew look at that boy over there. He carries a {skateboard} and look at those ripped up jeans! He should be locked up.

Other old people: I know mary lynn, and he's listening to such loud music! Its making my hearing aid ring.
by aed196 November 12, 2010
Nature's training simulator for the zombie apocalypse.
Old people are non-lethal, but slow and will attack in large numbers. Just like zombies.
by SpitShine Tommy December 20, 2011
Sexually frusterated fart bags who infect the world with the smell of rotting corpse and cheap rose perfume and normally dont give a damn about anyone else but themselves and brag about their grandchildren getting into harvard when they probably just sit on the side of the road snorting crack and drinking vodka wasteing space in this already over populated world.
My grandmother shes part of the old people society, nuff said.
by Your Grandchild. February 13, 2011
If you can't read this you either need glasses or you are an Old person.
Guy 1: I saw some Old person on the street asking me for money
Guy 2: Did you give him anything?
Guy 1: Fuck no, old people are scary.
by Oskarmandude2 July 02, 2013
Some one who...

A. is useless
B. is stupid
C. is blind
D. is deaf
E. is incontinent
F. gets stuck on or in the toilet
G. has pants around their neck
H. wakes up at the sparrows fart
I. thinks the microwave is the televison
J. thinks the smoke alarm is the telephone
K. shouts at everything
L. tells rediculas jokes then litterally wets themselves while laughing at it
M. Falls over alot
N. has trouble finishing weeing
O. shits into a bag
P. drives their car into everything
Q. has a rediculas name like Merv or Mavis
R. thinks everything causes brain tumors
S. gets goverment money and blows it on bingo
T. makes a scene in the cafe line up
U. forgets who their children are
V. hates forigners
W. takes lots of pills
X. takes up bed spaces in hospitals
Y. don't have the decency to kick the bucket while their dignity is intact
Z. have heart attacks at the drop of a hat.

Oh, and have wrinkly skin!
That old person is useless, he just crashed into that rubbish bin then shouted at the Indian cabby who tried to help him after he fell out of the drivers side door.
by crakas May 13, 2013
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