While the above definions are true, they're only limited to certian areas in USA or Canada. The universal term, or definition, of an Old Lady is simply an old lady, mostly found in ghettos, who are always calling the cops. 99% of the time they're white, and 60% of the time are single. They believe that calling the cops will solve everything.
<1> Shit, shes got a phone.
<2> Prolly callin the cops.
<1> Fucking old lady.
by aplz July 20, 2004
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a slang term for girlfriend or someone you are interested in.
My old lady comin' over to give me a rub.
by cnlballa October 07, 2003
An old lady is slang for your gf or wife its normally someone you deeply care about mostly used in a construction or manly setting to seem more mocho or manly
My old lady and I went out for dinner last night
The old lady and I wen out all weekend and are hurting units today
by I<3kelly May 03, 2011
A name for the over developed breasts of a younger woman. Ample breasts that do not fit well in a sleeveless blouse.
I would have gotten up for Eminem's "We Made You," but those old ladies were holding me back.
by bobbie_fisher April 25, 2009
Slang for girlfriend
Fight with my old lady, she comin at unreal, hit the blunt and now shes animated." - Brotha Lynch Hung "One Mo Pound
by FlyAway July 23, 2011
The best person in the world at any given thing

ie: cs, ut, DOW, etc
"My mate andy is a right oldlady!"
by Andy November 26, 2004
An irish hip way of saying mum/mother.
"ah alri my old lady's calling me"
"My old lady said no"
"my old lady is such a bitch"
"thats my old lady"
by sopureirish August 10, 2008
A. The stupid, whiney bitches with wrinkles all over their worthless bodies.

B. a great target if you're out hunting with a kinfe or gun

C. a nice thing to hit if you're testing out your cars durability

D. roadkill
Fun Kid 1- Dude, you just ran over an old lady and theres blood all over your windshield!

Fun Kid 2- Yea dude, good call.....i should probobly throw on these windshield whipers

Fun Kid 1- DUH!
by Fattie December 09, 2003

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