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A tourist town in southern Maine with about 10,000 people year round and up to 100,000 in the summer.Many tourists come from Quebec and the rest of New England.Its a great place to live and has lots of girls and a great beach even if the ocean is cold.
Also called OOB.
I went to OOB to party this weekend.
by themanfromthebeach May 19, 2005
An awesome town in southern Maine.

The absolute best marching band in the state of Maine.
The ONLY band to receive 4 consecutive gold medals in the past four years.
Did you go to the marching band show last weekend? Old Orchard Beach was amazing!

Old Orchard Beach High School Marching Band: 4 Stahs!

We are the beach! Yeah we are a real rockin' town, we are the beach! Yeah we're gonna turn this show around, we are the beach! Yeah we are the baddest band around, we are the beach, 1, 2 HOO-RAHH
by baddestbandaround September 22, 2009
OOB, like Maine, is a place that foreigners like me didnt know existed before going there and then you wish it never did... having spent a summer there. It is an area that prides itself on lobsters and lighthouses but keeps quiet about the large numbers of white trash that park their trailors there. A horrible place but i'm glad i experienced it to know how lucky i really am
Friends: Where were you for the summer?
Me: Old Orchard Beach
Friends: Where?
Me: Maine
Friends: Where?
Me: Boston
Friends: Cool
by dutchies101 March 06, 2006
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