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The cheapest beer at 14-0. $2.99 for a six pack of tall-boys. "It doesn't get any better than this!" (it doesnt get any CHEAPER than this.) My favorite beer (price)
j: im going on a beer run, need anything
d: heres 12 quarters, six pack of the OM
j: mmm Old Milwaukee
by jamsalot May 03, 2007
Piss in a bottle. No wonder it's so cheap. Favored among the lower-class person.
Jeff: "I brought the booze for the party."
Tim: "Not Old Milwaukee again. Spend your welfare check on some of the good shit for once."
by Deathgrind > you November 06, 2007
When an individual of known or unknown origins (especially an uncle) has too much beer to drink and blows a hot beer burp on you usually in a social situation. Has been known to cause brain damage in severe cases.
Jeff had too much to drink and blew "Old Milwaukee" on me. I think I threw up a little.
by Jason Hilliker November 27, 2005
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