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Olaka is the term used to describe a handheld grinder commonly used to arakku(grind) the arri (rice). T'is also sometimes used in the phrase "Olaka yude moodu!" This idiom, however scientific it may sound, has several meanings including "Yeah Right!", "Damn!" and so on. There are some suggestions made to show the meaning behind "olaka yude moodu". The olaka has a metal end at the bottom which is known as the "moodu", and opinions made by Sir Antony suggests that since the ''moodu'' is getting all the beating, it is meant to represent the opposing person.
Olaka yude Moodu!
by Sri Prateek Rico Antony March 26, 2013
Another name for Oakland, California
I gots a meetin' in San Fran Cisco, so I saved sum bux and flew into OLAKA!
by Melanie Cotton April 29, 2005
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