1.term used to define the new girl your ex boyfriend is talking too.

2.some stupid bitch
girl 1- "ol' girl gonna be at the party with jim tonight"

girl 2- "Mannnnnnnnnnnnn fuck him and ol' girl ,hope they reproduce and catch aids!!!!!!!!!!!!"

girl 1- "......."
#exboyfriend #psycho #hoe #girlfriend #drama
by thefatladysings February 23, 2011
Top Definition
referring to a female that you don't feel like saying her name.
I waxed ol' girl in jaccuzzi last night
by babybear May 11, 2005
A woman that you are sexually acquainted with. It can be a girlfriend, fuck buddy, or just a girl you fool around with. The term is usually expessed when someone doesn't want to disclose the name of the girl they are with.
"Yo dude, what are you doin' today?"
"Man, I'm just chillin with ol girl"
#ho #fuck buddy #woman #girlfriend #bitch
by John Wink October 24, 2007
Slang Term That Means Somebodys Mamma
Im Yo Son, You My Ol' Girl
#ol' #ol #girl #mamma #gal
by Jimmy LA April 30, 2007
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