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originally used by the hells angels biker gang to refer to the hoes that where aloud to hang so long as they where willing to fuck anyone in the gang. now days it just means girlfriend
"my ol' lady can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch"
by stg60913b February 16, 2010
A girlfriend/wife or someones mother.
Das ya ol' lady huh?!

Nah, my ol' lady won't let me.
by ya boy D April 17, 2007
your girlfriend; lady.
That's my ol' lady right there.
by !@#$%^asdf November 05, 2008
keep playing wit me nd ima fuk ya ol' lady
by Plies Baaaabbbyyyyyyy July 10, 2008
a girl that you talk to or someone you are with
joe:who that girl is

bobby:mayne thats my ol' lady
by briana renee ` March 25, 2011