A very smart bear who attends Stanford University. She was exiled from her sleuth because of unique paw. It contains six talons on one claw. Since graduating from high school, she became a hardcore partier, but still manages to study and change the world.
Hey, are we gonna hang out with Oksana this summers?" "Nah, she's at Stanford partying and changing the world" "I miss her
by erics & teps June 18, 2011
An eccentric Russian perogy maker who yodels swedish war ballads.
She who yodels has the power of Oksana perogy
by Yodelee December 04, 2008
A dum blonde in disguise. Regularly denies this but it is true. Signs that this is true include: Delusional sleep talking, regular displays of idiocy, uncoordinated movements and acting like a fucking retard at all times.
Person 1: 'Isn't a Gerbil a type of jellybean...?'
Person 2: ......................................no. What's your name again?
Person 1: Oksana
Person 2: Well THAT explains it!

Person 1: Look at that fucking retard dancing like a loner over there!
Person 2: Ae! Thats one fucked up Oksana

Late at night during a sleepover
A few people are asleep
Some random asleep person: (sits up) FUCK! I CAN'T FIND MY G!
*goes back to sleep*
Other people: WTF!

Other person: Oh it's Oksana dw that's normal
Other people: What a fucking retard.
by randomexposingbiatch June 05, 2011
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