OK! as in Oklahoma is OK. The crossroads of America and a beautiful state to live in. Oklahoma is one of the most geographically diverse states containing 10 distinct ecological regions and the only state with 11 ecological regions existing within its borders. We have 4 mountain ranges and while they are not the size of the Rockies they are beautiful and much older. Oklahoma has the largest population of Native Americans and combined they speak 25 native languages. A wonderful state to raise your children in and where your children learn how to be self sufficient not from being told how but by watching a state pull together in every tragedy that has come along be it natural disaster or a homegrown terrorist. Okies live together, work together, and help each other in good times a bad.
Oklahoma is OK!
by Proud Okie February 02, 2010
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Oklahoma is a state in the central south. Oklahoma is shaped like a pot and its panhandle has a flat elevation (aka mesa) called the Black Mesa. This state has 77 counties, one of which is at the tip of the panhandle called Cimarron County. Oklahoma borders Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, and Texas. This state isn't as horrible as others say it is. However, Oklahoma is the state with the most obese people.
Oklahoma's 2010 census estimate was around 3,751,351.
It is said to be boring, small, and full of hillbillies. This is an OPINION. In my opinion, Oklahoma is filled with many people of many races and cultures, is small enough for a smaller amount of crime, and sometimes too dry. This doesn't mean it is always hot. It snows around every other year or two. Oklahoma's capital is Oklahoma city. For more information on Oklahoma visit Wikipedia. If you want facts don't trust ALL of these results.
People who say "Everyone in Oklahoma is a hillbilly- I have to live here!" insulted themselves because they are in Oklahoma.

"Labor Conquers All Things" is Oklahoma's motto.

Carrie Underwood is from Oklahoma
by artist*at*heart February 02, 2011
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oklahoma is located in the midwestern part of the u.s.
despite common assumption, oklahoma does have the wichita mountains and mount scott which is located near lawton, oklahoma. the beer percentage there as of Aug 1, 2004 is still 3%. so that is why many kids go to Texas to get they're drinks where it is 6%.
but they also have penny beer nights which is an excellent way to spend a Friday night.
the okc murrah building memorial is one of the most solemn places in american history..so go pay your respects if you're ever in town. it's very informative and respectful to the victims.
a bunch of definitions by people who've never been in oklahoma.

that's pretty stupid.

at least in oklahoma, if you find a handful of cool people, you know they're real and not like the millions of scenesters plaguing places like, say orlando.

penny beer night in oklahoma got me a DUI. but it was worth it, because the case was thrown out. thx OK!

the hicks in georgia are worse..simply because there are more of them and they're rude and stupid.

one good thing about OK, out of the many bad things, is the 1/2 and 1/2 store. you can find a prada dress there for $20 who there cares about big stupid names?
by beer schooled August 01, 2004
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"In Oklahoma, we keep the pants on America!"
"I can't wait to get out of Oklahoma."
by GypsyCat July 24, 2008
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The worst state in America. The weather is extremely hot in the summer, and bitterly cold in the winter. Storm season is hell with monster hail and record tornadoes. In all seriousness, the best comparison is a third world country in the middle east. Dry and barren, the infrastructure looks bombed out. Extremely religious. Oklahoma is a cultural wasteland. It's ironic that Oklahomans tout the Native American heritage when Oklahoma is where the natives were shunted to(Trail of Tears). So they didn't want to be there in the first place. Another thing about Oklahoma is that everything is dirty due to the red dirt that's on everything. The stores are dirty, the people are dirty, everything is just..dirty. Oklahomans will wax on and on about the bible and Jesus yet do everything opposite to it's teachings. The biggest lot of hypocrites you'll ever meet. The people are the other half of why Oklahoma is a garbage dump. Nowhere else will you meet such close minded, idiotic people. They have no concept of how the world works or are aware of anything outside of Oklahoma. Worse still, they take pride in these qualities. Beer is 3.2% alcohol so it's basically horse piss. Not even worth having a beer. Outdoors are a joke. If you are a single guy, best of luck to you. I personally wouldn't touch an Oklahoma broad. Most are single moms.
I'd love to live in Oklahoma, but I'm afraid I received a first world education and my interests in life extend beyond the Sooners and the bible.
by Okie trash August 03, 2011
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Dont know much about it but some of my favorit movies made there. Such as The Outsiders,Rumble Fish and Tex. Wnat to visit Tulsa some time mabye move there. Sounds like a good place.
Oklahoma sounds nice.
by readerread July 13, 2009
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A place filled with people who, while not on average intelligent, not completely retarded like others here tend to think. I live in a suburb of the city of Oklahoma City, called Midwest City. The city isn't big, but it has things there that make it worth visiting. Oklahoma is not filled with rednecks or hicks. Yes, there are rednecks and hicks here, but in the places like OKC, it's about the same as places like Colorado or Illinois.
Also, Carl Albert kicks the majority of other schools in the south's ass.
Johnny- I live in Oklahoma! It's normal.
by JonathanMorris July 13, 2011
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