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Has a big fuckin head....
It's abnormal! I mean, it's like a beach ball or something... God, he must've had custom-fitted football helmets.
by bigtones January 21, 2005
199 252
A fuckin nigger that killed two white people and got away with it.
Sheeit,oj simpson didn't bees doin it
by Sir Whitey May 19, 2007
168 227
An (in)famous ex-football player who was found not guilty for killing his wife and her young boyfriend.
Look at it this way: Say you and your wife are having problems and you get separated. She starts screwing a young waiter, everyone knows, the guy starts thinking he's hot shit, and then you repeatedly see this dude driving around town in the Ferrari YOU are paying the car note on. I'm not saying OJ Simpson was right - but I understand.
by bigtones June 25, 2007
69 133
OJ Simpson. This man is not a Jew. He is black, but not Jewish.
This man is not a Jew!
OJ Simpson cool, but definetely not a Jew. Promise.
by dolanlj August 31, 2007
34 119
The Juice was loose and Nicole and Ronald ended up with the noose.
I guess Robert Blake was tryin' to pull an O.J. on his wife, but that didn't work, either.
by Mitch December 28, 2004
131 221
The only man in the world who can kick Chuck Norris's ass.
OJ Simpson made Chuck Norris cry by kicking him in the face.
by cclark October 03, 2007
27 149
1. God.
2. Also known as Jesus Christ in 34 states and Puerto Rico
Oj simpson didn't pullnotriggazmaniggaz
by brent harrison bitchez September 24, 2007
16 166