One Income, No Kids
My girlfriend says I'm a pig, but I'm truly an oink.
by Armand Dillo September 18, 2012
Top Definition
The noise that a piggy makes.
Pig 1: *oink*
Pig 2: *oink*
by -x- February 01, 2004
The sound that a cow makes.
Cow: Oink oink oink oink oink!
by sadfgh May 06, 2008
Word often heard coming from the mouth/snout of a police spokesperson.
Commenting on the policing of the protest, the Metropolitan Commissioner remarked "oink, oink, oink".
by Andy April 19, 2004
When expressed mathematically, (exemplified with the notation >oo<) is an astronomical value much greater than infinity, and has properties of a prime number (indivisible except by itself or by the one). It is absolute infinite. It is used to express my love for AW.
Oink oink piggy wiggy!
by iverzc January 17, 2009
Word used when one doesn't know how to respond to another persons question/comment, or doesn't want to admit to that persons accusition. Can also be used to break silence in an awkward situation.
Bob: "Hey I heard you ate my mom out... is there any truth to this?!?!"
Me: "Oink!"

Bob is among a group of people as he looks at his report card he just got in the mail and realized he's just failed out of college..... everyone is silent for a few minutes and no one knows what to say....
Me: ".......OINK!"
by Oinkle September 07, 2006
Acronym for one income, no kids and refers to a child-free couple, one of whom is currently jobless.
Due to the recession and his lay-off, John and Mary were now OINKs. Similarly, see also DINK.
by Ronnie Barnhardt November 15, 2009
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