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An event involving oil damage or destruction at an awesome or catastrophic scale
The oil spill in the Gulf in April 2010

see www.marytoons.com for illustration, entitled,
'Escape from Oil-pocalypse . . yet another SLiCK idea'
by marytoons May 02, 2010
An apocalypse caused by a major oil spill. The current catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has been dubbed
the "Oilpocalypse", a merging of the words 'oil' and 'apocalypse'.
"What's happening in the Gulf of Mexico is an 'Oilpocalypse'",said Stephen.

"The size of the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is 5000 barrels a day. A barrel is 42 gallons, so the estimate works out to 210000 gallons per day".
by uncle wally esquire. May 13, 2010